David Gyorki

Surgical Oncologist

Specialist expertise in melanoma and advanced skin cancers, breast cancer and soft tissue sarcoma.

Associate Professor David Gyorki is a specialist surgeon in complex surgical oncology – surgery for patients with cancer.

In addition to his private practice, David is a consultant surgeon at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre as well as the Olivia Newton John Cancer Centre with a particular interest in the management of patients with melanoma, soft tissue sarcoma and breast cancer.

David is one of only a small number of surgeons in Australia with a surgical practice dedicated to the management of cancer patients. This specialised focus allows David to understand the complexity and nuance of each individual patient and to help tailor a multidisciplinary treatment plan. By understanding the role of all treatment options in the management of his patients, he is better able to determine the best surgical approach. Sometimes optimal treatment may involve no surgery at all.

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Current Appointments

Surgical Oncologist

Peter MacAustinEpworth HealthCare

Private Practice

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Principal Fellow, Department of Surgery

University of MelbourneVictorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC)


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